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MISTER SAMPSON is a Los Angeles based Fine Artist, Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Originally from Syracuse, New York, Sampson has been drawing since before he knew how to read or write. At just three years old, he began by creating his own cartoon characters, and would soon graduate to portraits.

It was the sophistication in TaVon’s artwork that caught the attention of his teachers, who began submitting his work in contests without his knowledge. The welcomed attention was in stark contrast of the lack of arts education in the Syracuse school system. In fact it was several years before TaVon knew a career in the arts was an option. Even without formal training, he took it upon himself to research careers in the arts. As a high school senior, TaVon wrote a letter to himself ten years in the future, hoping he’d become a successful graphic designer.

Sampson was recruited to Keuka College as a Lacrosse player, but his passion continued to lie with the arts. And though he was a fine art major, it was an internship with Def Jam Records during his senior year that finally gave TaVon training in the graphic arts. His one-month internship became a five-year stint as one of their top Art Directors where he would design singles and album covers for everyone from Mariah Carey, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy and Nas. In 2012 TaVon relocated to Los Angeles were he’d spend another two years as an Art Director for Warner Brothers before realizing his purpose as an artist was being under explored and there were important areas of his own life he wanted to express.

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